WWO: First Round Auditions
January 26, 2016

This week we started on our first round of auditions. We held them at Columbia College in one of their meeting spaces. Originally, I wanted to have the auditions in a more public and relaxed environment, but then I realized talking about demons and orgasms and torture was probably not a good idea.

 Monday was a challenge for me. I'm thankful I had Eden and ezarago by my side, but it was still tough. I met with actresses who were maybe having a bad day. When I asked if they understood everything or had any questions, someone answered "I think I can understand English, thank you very much." I asked another actress why she was interested in my film and she said "I just want to act! Anything, everything! I just want to act." I felt insulted so I turned a little cold and made some sharp comments. I shouldn't do that.

Tuesday was much better. We met several actresses who brought us their passion for the project.  We met several Asian actresses too, and that's what I really wanted. Early on, I wanted the script to be about a Korean girl and a Japanese girl who learned about each other, made peace and fell in love. I felt there was no way I was going to find enough passionate Asian actresses so I knew I had to be flexible. But I was wrong and I met some great candidates, even some who were not Asian but still felt right for me!

 I also see how much of a change this is for me. I was used to making art by myself for many hours. Now, I am building a little community of artists.

I asked Eden, my casting director, how she felt about the auditions. She said she was shocked by how quickly actresses got into a part during line readings. "It was like they turned a switch!" she said. Eden said she had a difficult time helping candidates doing line readings, but she did fine.  Eden is actually an amazing talented music composer, but she's a great casting director too.

I'm having a hard time finding my Lady Pinkswallow, but I still have a few more auditions this week. I thought Pinkswallow should be played by a trans-gendered beauty, but I'm now willing to see women for the part too. If this happens, my entire main and supporting cast will be 100% female. 
Wicked World Otaku
January 4, 2016
At first, I wanted to make a story about two Asian girls trying to survive in some dangerous American city. I wanted it to take place by Chicago's lakeshore, where the two girls would meet. One girl would go to the lake to masturbating, when she sees another girl trying to kill herself. They're both foreigners (maybe Japanese and Korean) and they decide to travel to some party together. The movie was going to be almost real-time, taking place that night.

I contacted some friends about this idea and they recommended that I reconsider filming a movie in dangerous neighborhoods. So I approach the movie from a more Japanese point of view. After I did this, I knew I could go a little more extreme and silly. The dangerous city turned into a dangerous enclosed-space location. I played with the story like the target audience was Japanese.

Then I thought about the anime conventions I love so much. I wondered what if there was another convention taking place underneath the anime convention? Only, this convention was full of dark spirits and demons. And what if they used the regular anime convention as a buffet for their dark convention? That's how Wicked World Otaku started...
The New Kisssui!
December 29, 2015
After my previous art show, I decided to take a break from painting. It was alot of work moving from gallery to exhibition to gallery and, hoping I can sell a piece but then hoping I still have enough work to show at the next gallery. Showing my art was same difficulty as making it. Then after a show was over, I still felt I had nothing to show for it.

Then I realized I was not only a painter. I had years of film-making education that I rarely used, and I had alot of story ideas that I just talked about. I finally had time to sit down and watch some movies and digest. I always loved classic Japanese pink films, but then I saw The Torture Club (ちょっとかわいいアイアンメイデン) and I knew I wanted to make something like this. I knew I wanted to make a film that was so bad it was really good, or so good that it was really bad.

I knew 3 things at that time: I wanted to make a romance between two girls stuck together, I wanted it to be a thriller, and I wanted it to be about the world I live in.